Meet the Team

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Founder & Cinematographer / Video Editor

Jim Kappel

Jim received his first video camera on Christmas at 14 years old, and what started as an innocent hobby, quickly became a lifelong obsession.  Wasting no time, as his classmates walked the line at graduation, Jim found himself on a cross country road trip being paid to shoot some of his favorite skateboarders.  Starting in action sports, Jim later transitioned into shooting events, weddings, and quickly established a large freelance network.  Jim takes pride in staying current with the constantly evolving equipment and technology of today, with the commitment to never stop learning. After 20+ years in the business, Jim truly believes he has the best job on the planet.  When asked to elaborate, Jim states, “my cameras have given me a glimpse into so many worlds and have led me to befriend people of all walks of life.  My career path has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Let the good times roll!” 
jim kappel

Co-Founder & Director of Photography

Garrett Goerl

Born with a camera in his hand, Garrett has been passionate about making films since he was a young child.  Garrett often borrowed his parent’s 8mm camcorder, often using it to make skits, short films, and documenting life with his friends growing up through the skateboarding culture. Around the same time at the age of 8 he picked up a passion for shooting stills. This passion for photography was fueled from his Mother who was a professional photographer.  As a lover of light, Garrett is fascinated with it and always looking for interesting shapes made by objects in the environment as well as different qualities of light as he loves to sculpt and control it.
garrett goerl

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Toya Maxfield

From an early age, Toya has loved problem solving.  She has a passion for the creative space and helping clients have the best experience possible.  It has always been her dream to help others achieve their goals with a product that makes a lasting impression on their brand and company.  Toya’s background is in the startup industry, client experience and strategic operations and she is grateful for every business relationship she’s encountered. Your success means everything to her.

toya maxfield



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